Liang Xiao (b, 1996) was born and raised in China. In 2017, she graduated with first-class honours degree from the University of Wales, majoring in graphic design. In 2020, her master's degree graduated with distinction from the Central Saint Martins (UAL), majoring in Arts and Sciences. Her work is often inspired by certain natural or social phenomena, the complex relationship between identity and dogma. In the research process, she has always paid special attention to the research and investigation of major entities and relevant knowledge background. In the past two years, her works have been exhibited in London Apiary Studio, Tate Modern-Tate Exchange, CSM platform theatre and other exhibition halls.

Her research papers involve immersive environments, and ways of embodiment. The most recent creation is about Covid-19, combining identity and self-isolation with multimedia, images, sensory devices, and games. This project is nominated for the MullenLowe NOVA Awards. Through the mixed media of sound, image, Installation and performance, she explores the inherent logical language relationship and body perception under the influence of mixed media.