‘swan and gun’.

In the project, my concern is the conflict facing by Chinese women, the conflict between traditional expectation or dogma and the modern professional life. My interested is the tension and that sit at the centre of this conflict.

I focused on collaging the everyday objects, which are associated with domestic life, in order to gain a playful while critical angle, in discussing the experience of contemporary Chinese women. To play with signs that are familiar and banal, while also potentially, and politically poignant and relevant to today.

Under the Chinese conficious dogma that emphasize patriacical social hierchy, as well as family values, the position of women was passive and restrained in mostly domestic space. Well, despite the fact that this system was challenged and even, in a sense, overthrwoned by waves of reforms and revolutions, started from the late 19th century, it is still by a large extend, influence the public opinions and decisions. 

The communist slogan of ‘women is half of the sky’ as well as contemporay free market structure encouraged creation of freedom in terms of, more liberty for a career driven life and more independence, economically.

However, regardless of obvious sexist discrimination in the work place, it also brought forward enormous professional expectations and pressure. This has combined with expectation of domestic duties like daily chores, and, resposibility for patriachical elder, and childbearing and caring respisibility, which was supported by the still popular confucious social structure, it is rarely experience by Chinese men. This combined pressure has characterised chinese women’s experience and put a question mark on the so called emancipatory contemporary female situation.

Swan represents the innocence and kindness, and the free professional females who haven’t suffer from interior violence. I choose the cleaner as its main function is cleaning yet while it’s operating for cleaning, it stores dust. The cracked wings metaphor the professional females who are depraved freedom gradually by heavy loads of housework.

The gun represents the violence and maintenance, it symbols the weapon for protection and resistance by heavy interior pressure.

The chose for cleaner and cooking utensil is as they are tools for maintaining the house cleaning, and also they represent the heavy loads of housework. By the recombination and transformation, they become the weapon to preserve female freedom.