Visible Blind Boxes

Rethinking the relationship between art, money, and rights

Blind boxes represent "uncertainty". The shape of the doll in the box cannot be judged from its appearance. When the box is purchased, consumers can open it to confirm. According to the "Post-95 Consumer List" released by a shopping website in August 2019, blind box collection has become the fastest growing area.

JAN 2020

Text:  Mr. Palomar; Italo Calvino
Image: Karl Blossfeldt; Urformen der Kunst

According to a survey, when asked why the blind box is popular among young people, 48% of the respondents chose to "have a thrill and buy without stopping"; 21.7% of the respondents chose "to stir fry and make quick money" "; 16.4% of the respondents chose" curative, social and other needs "; 13.8% of the respondents chose" fashion, follow the trend ".

In the era of material abundance, young people pay more attention to the spiritual satisfaction and strength that items bring to them than to their practical value.

Jan 2020


It almost satisfies the characteristics of the artwork and gives consumers a sense of conviction. As a combination of art and commerce, it has artistic attributes and can be sold in the form of goods. This not only lowers the threshold for everyone to buy art, but also reduces the time and cost of everyone when they buy.